Friday, April 6, 2012

Square Up For The Win!

I signed up for Square on Wednesday. I was at a show yesterday and took two credit card payments. This morning I wake up and the money is in my bank. I did not even have the card reader. I had to manually enter the information. With no set up fee or contract I have to say that when PayPal rolls out their version of this they had better be just as good or better to have me use it.

Manually entering the information was quick and easy. From start to finish it took only minutes- about the same amount of time it takes to print two copies of a receipt from a regular card reader. I can only assume that once I have the card reader the process will take even less time.

The fact that being able to accept credit cards doubled the amount of money I was able to make was also a huge plus! I only do one show a month, but I am about to open a brick and mortar shop and I am considering using them for credit card processing at my shop. I will keep you updated.

Let me know what your experience with credit card processing has been. Either comment here or send me an email to

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  1. Just had my debit card copies! So, am a bit sore at the moment, especially as it never left my purse and I only used it over the 'phone to open a domain name! That's caused me no end of problems and my blog ( is temporarily out of reach, and I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms! Getting it back to rights bit by bit, but that takes time.

    Hope to be hack at full strength soon - meanwhile, have a Happy and Blessed Easter. At least I can still visit the blogs I follow!