Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Difficult Decisions

Recently I have had some life changing events. Not going into details I will say that my brick and mortar has changed names. In addition to the name change I am soon going to be the only one making items for the shop. This creates a bit of an issue for me when it comes to time management.

Over the last couple of years I have juggled several projects including multiple online shops, wholesale accounts, shows and a brick and mortar shop. I will not say it has been easy because, well, it hasn't. It takes a lot of energy to do everythings that needs to be done. I am now to the point where something has to give. I have to realistically look at what I can and cannot make time for.

At the moment, this project, Market My Shop, makes very little income. And when I say very little I mean almost no income whatsoever. Every now and then I sell one of my eBooks in my Etsy shop, but it is pretty rare. My only other source of income from this blog is the tiny amount of money I make from Google Ad Words. That equates to about $30 a year, meaning every 3 years or so Google pays me.

I am considering letting this blog and the Etsy shop go. I hate to break it down to income but I just cannot afford to keep doing all of the free things that I have been doing. I am already putting in 12 to 18 hours each and every day just to maintain all of the other things I am doing.

I am open to suggestions. So, if you have a great idea that will help me gain time to continue a pretty much free project or a possible way to monetize it so that it can pay for itself I am totally willing to listen. I welcome your comments and emails. And just for the record, no firm decision has been made on anything yet.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Too Busy For Writing

I am going through a lot of changes at the moment in my life. I am so busy right now I do not have time to sit down and write. So, I am going to have to take the rest of this week to get caught up on all the other things in my life. Hopefully I will be back on schedule next week. Please stand by...