Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Google and Etsy Revisited Part 3 - Descriptions

As discussed this week Google looks at titles and descriptions and ignores tags. Etsy looks at titles and tags and ignores descriptions. The key to being found on Etsy and Google is a combination of titles, tags and descriptions. Yesterday I said I write all my tags first. I then take the best tags and use them in my title.

I also use the best tags in my description. I generally even use the tag phrases twice. The rule here is never use your tags phrases more than the number of full paragraphs you have. Well, that is my rule and it seems to work out pretty well. I also throw in my company name in my description so that my tags get associated with my business name.

A good description answers all the questions that a customer might have. A great description does this while enticing the customer to buy. Try and describe as many senses as possible. How does it look, feel, sound, smell and taste? If it is jewelry what is the size? How does it clasp? What metal is it made from? When can you wear it? What kind of outfit does it go well with? What makes it special?

Paint a picture with your description.  Tell a story. Make a statement. Just be sure to answer any potential questions. If someone has to write to ask you a question you have lost an impulse buy.

That is all for today. Stop back by tomorrow for a recap and some more tips. Feel free to send questions to Also, if you are interested in a topic I have not covered I am always looking for more things to write about to help you out.

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