Monday, April 9, 2012

Google and Etsy Revisited Part 1

Some of you have asked me to revisit making your shop listings more friendly for Google and other search engines. Where Google is concerned it is all about the content and by content I mean relevant content. Google is looking for experts.

Google looks at the title of the page to see what the topic is about. So, a clear and concise title is a must. I see some people still trying to cram what I would call a short story into the title. Google looks at that as if someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. You really think you can put one over on Google?

The title should be short and descriptive like a headline. Use your most important key words here. Though Etsy places a lot of emphasis on the first three words, Google uses the entire title to figure out what the page is about. The title does not have to be a complete sentence but it does have to make sense. Just listing keywords tends to confuse people.

"Red Blue Stripes Sequins Vintage Dress Summertime Sundress" is an example of a poor title. It is a jumble of keywords but does not accurately describe the dress. Of course you need to figure out what people will be searching for and optimize for those keywords.

"Vintage Summertime Sundress - Red and Blue Stripes with Sequins" is better organized and much easier to read. Google will ignore the extra spaces and dash. Using your three main keywords up front and eliminating the repetitive "dress" helps to make a more clear and concise title that works for both Etsy and Google.

Tomorrow I will delve back into relevant keywords and tags. Please let me know if you have any questions by email at or by leaving a comment here.

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