Friday, April 20, 2012

More On Etsy Direct Checkout

I thought I would give you an update on Etsy Direct Checkout. I have had this up and running on my shop for a few weeks now. In fact, five of my last eight sales were through Direct Checkout. It does take a little while for the money to get into your account. Not a huge issue as long as you have some money for shipping. In my opinion, I do not think I would have gotten those sales had I not been using Direct Checkout. So, for me, it is a good thing.

I sell many of the same items over and over again, so I know exactly what most of my items weigh. It really isn't a problem for me to create a shipping label with a tracking number and mark it as shipped within minutes of an order. This really does two things for me. One, it gets the ball rolling on getting my money from Etsy, and two, it puts me in a great light with my customers for such fast shipping! In the note to the customer I say that their item will be shipped out within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays.

Direct Checkout may not be great for those who create custom items on a regular basis. Especially if you use the money for materials to create it. In those cases it is probably better for you to make sure to set up a custom listing and let them know that it needs to be paid for through PayPal or some other medium.

I hope all of you have a great weekend! I start moving into my Brick and Mortar shop tomorrow. Wish me luck! And always, if you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at I may not answer with an article but I do always try to answer!


  1. Good Luck with your store!

    I am on the fence with direct checkout. I think one of the reasons you are seeing alot of use is that it becomes the default payment method. So unless someone chooses paypal, it will default to etsy.

    I am wondering - how do you account for the money as it comes in - bookkeeping wise? Right now I download the paypal csv file every 10 days, sort into product categories then enter into quickbooks.


  2. As far as book keeping, the transfers are marked as from Etsy and you can download a csv file from Etsy as well showing all sales.

  3. Huge congrats on all of your success and good luck with your brick & mortar!

    @LeAnne - You should check out Outright ( It's integrated with Etsy and has made bookkeeping a breeze for me ever since I switched over from Quickbooks.

    1. Hi Kate,
      I am thinking of using Outright over Quickbooks Online but my is that Outright doesn't give me a balance sheet and it counts all expenses as expenses rather than letting it sometimes be inventory. Are you going to start paying the fee for Outright in September? Thanks for any thoughts you can share...
      :) Sarah Jane

  4. Is there a way to print shipping labels if customers use direct checkout? I had finally gotten around to buying a printer and postal scale and I really don't want to have to go back to handwriting addresses and dragging them all to the post office.

    1. You can ship through paypal (as before, but using the website ) or USPS website.

  5. Dear LeAnne,
    when someone pays you through direct checkout, how does the money get to you? You have to withdrawal the money to your checking account from your etsy account? What is this 10-day delay? The money will be only available when the buyer receives the item?
    Thank you in advance,

  6. PayPal is now offering a postage & label printing option. It's getting mixed reviews, mostly because many sellers (especially the ones who sell a lot) seem to have to pay their Etsy bill EVERY DAY (some have said multiple times per day!) in order to be able to print postage thru Etsy. Etsy apparently gives sellers some sort of limit -- this limit is *supposed* to be raised based on your sales and usage of the postage/label option, but I haven't heard that it's really working that way.

    Join the Shipping Improvements Team for more info!