Thursday, April 12, 2012

Google and Etsy Revisited Recap

This week I have been revisiting ways to get your shop found On Etsy and Google. Tags, Titles and Descriptions need to be well thought out and well implemented.  I always start with my tags and work the description and title from there. Here are a few tips that might help you to come up with better tags.

1. Ask your mom what she would use to search for your item.
2. search all your tags on Etsy and Google and see what shows up.
3. Look at your stats and see what words people are finding you with.
4. If a tag isn't working, drop it and try another.
5. Ask someone for help.

When you come up with good tags and use them for your title and in your description you stand a much better chance of being found. Of course just being found isn't your goal. Your goal is to make money by selling your products. Soon, I will revisit photography and pricing to help you hook that customer.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Have got a question - but not on this subject. Have locked myself out of my email sites (shaky arthritic fingers when typing the address and/or password the problem. The addresses originate from a time we had a broadband/telephone account with one particular UK provider. We moved from them in 2010, taking email addresses with us. Now I can't seem to get back into the emails, because the former provider alleges they have no record of our telephone number. Any ideas how one can get back in, please? The address you have to contact me is one of them, so any response would arrive and I couldn't see it. Perhaps you could contact me via my Twitter account - @coldhamcalling? Or, my alternative email account - Many thanks. Isobel

  2. Isobel,

    I really have no suggestions to help you out there. You might try calling the original company back and asking for a supervisor. They might be able to help you out.


  3. Still looking for answers - but am hoping I may have found it. It's irritating isn't it how quickly one can lose a connection and how long it takes to get it back! The route is not unlike your suggestion by the way.

    Sorry to have troubled you!