Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Secret To Advertising Your Etsy Shop On A Small Budget

It's no secret that advertising can be very expensive and hard to track the results. Today I will talk about three low or no cost advertising techniques that will help you to advertise without going broke. Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are all ways to advertise your shop with little or no money. We will start with Twitter.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to tweet 140 character or less messages. The beauty of Twitter is that, like other social networks, you have an audience. You can grow your audience. You audience can share what you post. Your 'ads' can go viral. I have a great eBook on how to set up your Twitter account and how to use it here: The guide will walk you through each step of setting up and getting your first followers along with some information on Twitter etiquette. In the works is my eBook for advanced Twitter marketing topics. Twitter accounts are free, Yay!

Pinterest is another type of social network. This one is more about sharing photos and videos. It is unique and has taken the country by storm. I am in the process of writing an eBook on how to make it work for you. The basic idea is that you have several 'boards' where you 'pin' pictures and videos to share with the masses. It is a great way to share your art, supplies or vintage goods. Best of all it is 100% free!

Facebook Is one of the greatest ways to get information out there about your shop and products. You can use it free but gaining followers isn't always easy like with Twitter and Pinterest. Paid advertising to get people to like your page helps matters along. Fortunately you can target your ads with great precision. If you are going to spend any money on advertising I suggest doing it here. I have an eBook on how to advertise on Facebook here:

The thing that all of these social networks have in common is that once you get followers you have them for a while and can put an ad in front of them over and over again. Whereas, if you put an ad pointing people to your Etsy shop they may only go there once, seeing your shop and products only once. The secret to advertising your Etsy shop is to collect people that will see your ads multiple times. This gives you the most impact for the least amount of money and or effort.

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  1. One thing I've found is to put a "watermark" on your photos with your shop URL, e.g. This way, when a photo from your shop is pinned onto Pinterest or other social media site, the name goes with it. Oftentimes, when repining, the original pin site gets lost, or people don't know how to access that information. There is also the problem of certain lowlifes stealing your photos and using them for their own marketing. Hope that's a helpful tip.

    1. That is a pretty good idea, however, it may keep your items from being in Treasuries on Etsy. I guess it depends on where you want to market your shop, Etsy or Pinterest.