Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Product Page Design On Etsy

Etsy has a new look. Well, actually it has been this way for a awhile now. Though there was nothing wrong with the previous look, I think this new look is a little better. The image position is better, the call to action is better, the details of the listing are better, the description is in a better location, the images for other items in the shop is better and my favorite is the what they did with tags.

I like the placement of the pictures much better. Although I am having issues with the zoom button. Before you clicked on the images and it made them bigger. Now you click on the image and it goes to the next image. I am sure many long time users are having the same issue. Still, it look cleaner and even has a bit of the Ebay feel to it. I am sure that was intentional.

The call to action is very prominent on the page. "Add to Cart" is a bright green bar that begs you, entices you, compels you to add the item to your cart. That is a good call on Etsy's part. Having the "Ask a Question" button right there is also a good thing.

Having the details right there next to the image is a good thing too. Showing that it is a handmade item, vintage good or supply right there at the top helps to clear up any confusion. Listing the materials here brings up a really good point. I notice that most people have not used capital letters in their list of materials. You may want to change that. To get a better look you should match what Etsy does. They pretty much capitalize each letter of each word (except the little words, a, an, the, etc.) and that gives it a good clean look. Also letting everyone know where it ships to is a good call.

Though the description is in a good location, I think they should have made it so that it was on the same page so that people didn't have to scroll down to read about the item. This is a VERY important reminder that your images are the most important part of your listing! Yes, titles and tags are important to get a customer to your page, your image is what is going to sell them!

What Etsy did with tags is brilliant. They changed it to "Related to this Item." Now we all just need to figure out what kind of tags other people are using for our type of items and make sure that when someone clicks one from another page you will show up. I suggest finding your competition and see what tags they use. Pick 5 of their tags that you do not have and add them to your list. It couldn't hurt and I bet it helps!

That is all I have to say about that for now. Remember, if you are thinking of opening an Etsy shop, please use my link and we will both get 40 free listings! Also, I have a couple of eBooks that could be very useful to you. Visit my Etsy shop here: And lastly, if you want to ask me a question please email me here:


  1. I've been having trouble getting used to the new layout - for some reason I have to hunt for the item title, even though I know where it is now. It's good to know that a marketing person approves of most of the changes.

  2. And now we'll need to get used to a whole new Etsy again ... whenever they conclude the current testing and make the changes permanent.