Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Is Your Etsy Shop Doing?

With all the recent changes Etsy has made I would like to know how your shop is doing? Have you noticed an increase or decrease in views and sales? It seems that every time Etsy makes a change in the way they do things I experience a decrease in sales at the start then an increase over all after a couple of weeks. I really would like to know what your experience is.

So, today, please leave me a comment on how you're doing compared to say last year at this time. Let me know as many details as possible as to why you think you are doing better/worse. If you don't want to leave a comment send me an email to


  1. Sales are down by about a third from last year. For a while views went down, but sales stayed the same, which was fine. Now both are down.

    I'd love to know what has changed over the last year.

  2. Everything for me is down by half. I like the changes Etsy made to the listing page and I like the dashboard. I don't think I am doing anything different from last year. I don't understand what happened to my views other than I don't use direct check out or Etsy search ads which means Etsy doesn't make much money from my sales. Could this have something to do with the drop in views?

    1. It shouldn't have anything to do with views. May I ask why you don't use Direct Checkout? Personally, at least HALF of my sales are paid for with DC.

    2. Things may have changed but I thought with Direct Checkout you must link a bank account to Etsy. I would rather not do that. Knock Wood! I have not had problems with PayPal and feel that it protects both the buyer and the seller.

  3. I am 65¢ away from doubling my 2012 Etsy sales! This is exciting because last year was the first year that I sold more than $1,000 on Etsy in a calendar year. Having said that, however, my Etsy sales for this month are down compared to both last month and September 2012.

    I don't really understand why I'm getting tons of views (more than 100/day), dozens of Favorites (18 yesterday alone!), but sales are soooooooooo slow right now. So shoppers are FINDING my shop and LIKING what they see there ... how can I get them to part with their hard-earned money???

  4. I am over half down from last year in both categories!