Monday, September 23, 2013

Etsy Lifts Ban On Shipping Upgrades

It's official! Etsy has lifted its ban on Shipping Upgrade Listings. Read about it in the Etsy Forum Post. So, what does this mean? Etsy has decided that it is okay to offer more than one shipping option. They plan to put some serious energy into making shipping options available in your listings. Until then, they have given the go ahead to make a listing for shipping upgrades.

Previously it was against the TOS to add an item that was contingent on purchasing another item. Because a shipping upgrade was deemed to not be a tangible item it was not allowed. After much discussion and interaction on the Etsy Admin forums they have finally changed their views.

Earlier in the year they actually tried a few different options and tested it with a select few accounts. Apparently the options provided were not all that effective so they abandoned them. Hopefully now that they are revisiting the options something will change soon. I would not expect any changes before the holidays. So, in the meantime, add those shipping upgrade listings.

When doing so I would make sure to include some information. The biggest thing that you need to have in your listing is that the upgrade is for your shop only! Also, it is probably a good idea to make sure that if you have different shipping prices that you have upgrades for each one. I suggest after creating the link you add it to all of the listings that it would work for.

These changes come just in time for the upcoming holiday season. So, get it done and get it done now, before it gets busy! That is it for today. See you all tomorrow. If you have comments please leave them here or email me


  1. Actually this is outdated info. Yesterday I was making changes to my shipping profiles and the Shipping Upgrade options is available in Shipping Profiles. So there's not a need apparently to have separate listings for shipping upgrades. I added upgrades to all my profiles so in the unlikely event someone desperately needs one of my cards they can pay an additional $4.95 in shipping


    1. Hi Lin,
      It isn't really all that outdated. You may be in a testing phase as not everyone has the option to have multiple shipping profiles on each item. So, currently some of us have to add a shipping upgrade listing. When Etsy does make final changes then the rest of us will not have to add a listing for the upgrade. Glad you have that option. Maybe they have figured out the best system and it will get tested quickly and rolled out to everyone.