Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Share Your Etsy Shop!

It is one of those busy days that I just cannot find time to sit down long enough to write a proper article. So, I though we could do a "Share Your Etsy Shop" day today. Just put a link to your shop in the comments. Then go to everyone's shop and favorite the shop and an item or two. If you already favorited the shop just favorite a couple of items.

Sharing is the best way to help each other out and it only takes a few minutes. Here are my shops:

Steampunk and Chainmaille by Tangled Metal http://TangledMetal.etsy.com
Etsy Marketing eBooks by Market My Shop: http://MarketMyShop.etsy.com
Paper Craft and Art by Perpetually Young http://PerpetuallyYoung.etsy.com

Later this year I will be starting a vintage shop and a supply shop. So, keep your eyes out here for the announcement.

See you back here tomorrow.


  1. Emariecreations:

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  3. Whoops - had a typo in the above post so deleted it and starting over.

    http://eweniquelyewe.etsy.com - handwovens and other handcrafted items
    http://eweniquelyewefibers.etsy.com - commercial and hand-dyed wool and other fibers for spinners and felters

  4. Terri/Terri Jean's Adornments


  5. Visited and faved the above shops, and even faved some items. Here's mine for you to do likewise

  6. Hello Visited and Favorited the shops and genuinely Favorited some items :0)...