Thursday, January 30, 2014

Packaging Your Etsy Goods To Build Repeat Customers

Believe it or not your packaging is as important as your crafts or vintage goods. Having a positively memorable packaging experience can mean the difference of another order or not. I am a minimalist when it comes to packaging. Maybe it is because I am a guy, who knows.

I put my items in a Ziploc jewelry bag and staple my business card to the bag. I place the item(and sometimes a free gift) into a bubble wrap envelope. I usually include a handwritten note asking for my customer to add to my review count.

I would really like to hear what you do with your packaging.


  1. I wrap mine in colored tissue paper, enclose a business card and a thank you note written on a colored mini card. I put it in a bubble wrap envelope. I seal it with a sticker that has my website on it, and also put a holiday sticker on the envelope. It sounds like we do similar things. I used to enclose a return customer coupon code, but no one ever used it, even if they returned.

  2. My products are mostly fabric, I wrap in white tissue paper, safer that way,
    add colorful yarn and a silk flower, a receipt, a hand
    written thank you note and a business card.
    Everything goes into a brown envelope.

  3. My things are fabric too. For "soft" items, I wrap in white or kraft tissue, sometimes tie it up with red & white baker's twine, tuck both my business card and my "Made in the USA" card under the twine (or with the product if I don't use the twine), and pop it in a poly mailer. I have a few things which need to be wrapped in bubble wrap to survive the USPS, so those get wrapped in bubble wrap and then in tissue (because if they were to get damp, even white tissue could cause problems).