Friday, January 17, 2014

Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge Part 2

Hello, everyone! Hopefully you had the time to spend looking at some of the HOT Treasuries yesterday. Maybe you even had time to look at some of the individual items in the Treasuries. So, it is time for Part 2 of my Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge!

I want you to take your BEST 10 items and edit them. Make sure your TITLE is enticing and contains strong KEYWORDS in your first 3 words. Re write all of your description, making sure the best parts of the description are at the beginning and will be shown in your Google Preview. Make sure that your TITLE and DESCRIPTION in the Google preview do not truncate words or leave partial sentences. Make sure your title has every word starting with an upper case letter. It looks clean and nicer this way.

Then redo all of your TAGS. Make each word in the Tags an upper case letter. So "yellow yarn" becomes "Yellow Yarn" and "red bracelet" becomes "Red Bracelet", etc. This adds a look of professionalism to your listing. You'll note that the tags now show at the bottom of each listing.

Next, once you have changed and published your listing, RENEW it. It will only cost you $.20 and will jump your item to the top of the RECENTLY LISTED section on Etsy. After you renew it, Tweet it, Pin It, Facebook it or post whatever social networks you have. This will help people to know that you have something new to show them.

Lastly, if you are a member of Etsy Forums and or Teams, post it to any thread that says new or renewed items. This will help provide you with a little visibility. Every little bit counts! Keep track of how many more views you get on the items and in the shop as well.

Come back next week to share your results and find out what the next part of the challenge is.


  1. Seriously? You're recommending that we PROMOTE in Etsy forums? That is SUCH a no-no. Sheesh.

    Teams, yes, when/where that is permitted. And also Facebook, Pinterest, Wanelo, Instagram, etc.

  2. PrariePrimitives,

    At one time there were a couple of forums where you could 'promote' by getting feedback from listings. They may have been completely removed and changed over to just Teams. So, thank you for catching my mistake! I have not visited th forums in a long while. It is great when you guys keep me honest!!!