Friday, January 24, 2014

9 Tips To Help Your Etsy Shop

Today I am taking a break from the Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge and going to do some Tops and Tricks to make your Etsy shop shine! Please feel free to add any tips or tricks that you may have to this list!

1. CHECK YOUR STATS EVERY DAY- Log into your Etsy account each and every day and check your stats. See where people are coming to your shop from, see how many people visit your items and shops, see how many favorites you get each day and more!

2. CHECK WHAT'S TRENDING ON ETSY - This is a great way to know if you have any items in your shop that are 'trendy' and could use a little boost. If there are similar items in the Etsy Trends Feed check the items and see what tags they are using and change a few of yours to match.

3. BE PROACTIVE - Join teams and be active! Join the forums and let your voice be heard. Know what is going on around you on Etsy by being proactive!

4. CHECK OUT FRONT PAGE TREASURIES - This is how you can keep a finger on the pulse of what Etsy wants from you. These front page Treasuries are hand picked by members of Etsy and reflect what they think is trending. Knowing this can help steer you to create more popular items.

5. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS - Make sure your best photos are your main photo! Don't be afraid to switch the photos around a little to see which one works best for you.

6. NEW CONTENT IS KING - Google loves pages that change and hate pages that are static. Rewrite your Titles, descriptions and tags at least once a quarter. I try to do this as my items need renewing. This will always insure that my items are fresh and ready for Google to take notice!

7. DOT YOUR I'S AND CROSS YOUR T'S - Nothing is worse than reading a title or description with misspelled words and incorrect grammar. We are all guilty of it from time to time. Employ the help of a friend or family member to proof your work!

8. MISSPELL ON PURPOSE - Add commonly misspelled words to your tags. If one of your tag words can and is commonly spelled wrong, add it to catch traffic from those who type it wrong. I m not suggesting using a ton of misspellings but a few won't hurt and may just help! (Please note #7 above is talking about titles and descriptions)

9. USE ALTERNATE SPELLINGS - As with the suggestion above, if you are marketing to the whole world, use alternate spellings on your tags. JEWELRY is also spelled JEWELLERY and COLOR is also spelled COLOUR and ARMOR is also spelled ARMOUR! So, make sure you are caching all your audience by adding common alternate spellings.

I would love to hear what you have to say about all of the above tips. Please leave me a comment- ESPECIALLY if you have more tips and tricks to add!

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  1. Good suggestions for the most part! Personally, I'm not into making what's trendy, however.

    Re: alternate (international) spellings, Etsy covers many of these already! Do a search for color vs. colour and on various spellings of jewelry. You should see the same number of results!