Friday, January 31, 2014

Business Cards For Etsy

If you don't have a business card, maybe you should! Even if you do not do any shows or have items in any shops having a business card is still very important. It will give you an air of professionalism that you cannot put a price tag on. Plus it gives your customers your contact info!

There was a time when business cards were price prohibitive. Then came print your own business cards. It was cheaper to buy ink for your printer and card stock back then. Now with the insane price of ink it is cheaper to have your cards printed!

I am sure you've see the Vista Print add where you can get 250 cards for $10 or 100 business cards free. Personally I use Got Print. They have been very consistent for the three years I have been using them. Right now, until the end of February, they are running a 10% off sale using code ITSVDAY2014 at check out.

Last month I was able to order 2500 business cards for less than the price of one black ink cartridge for my printer. My cards are two sided. Side one is full color and the second side is black and white. They are heavy card stock and look much better than anything I could have done on my printer.

I like the two sided card for a couple of reasons. First, my front is a full color image of one of my products with just my business name. It is almost like having a little piece of art. People tell me they put it on their fridge and see it every day. The front isn't cluttered with contact info. The back does have all my contact info. It does not distract from the product image on the front.

So, if you don't already have business cards let me suggest again that you get some. You can get around 1000 business cards for under $20 with shipping paid. It will increase your business and help to build repeat customers. You may also want to put 3 or 4 cards in so that your customer can hand them out when they get complimented for your beautiful work.


  1. I need to check Got Print out. For some reason, I've been leery of Vista Print. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I get my Zazzle. Full color on both sides. I've been really happy with the quality.