Thursday, January 16, 2014

Etsy Shop Makeover Challenge

I have a challenge for you! Don't worry, this is a relatively easy challenge and can greatly benefit you. Let me start over. I was reading article on the Etsy blog about how to attract more Treasury Curators so that more people will feature your items in their Treasuries so that you gain a better chance of being featured on one of the Front Page Treasuries...

The moral of the story was a simple one: Have great photos! Have great titles! Have great descriptions! Have great tags! Yada, yada, yada... I mean, I am not taking their message lightly. It is just everyone seems to push that same info down our throat on a daily basis. I too, promote those things on a regular basis. It just always seems so overwhelming that sometimes I don't even listen to the message and hear only the words.

I get put into a treasury about once every three to four days on average. That isn't many opportunities to get onto the front page. I have only ever had an item in a front page Treasury twice in the three years I have been selling on Etsy. I decided to go ahead and actively try to make my items more appealing so I could get into more Treasuries thus giving a better chance to get on the front page.

When am I ever going to get to the point, you're probably asking yourself. The point is simple, I want to challenge you to get into more Treasuries on Etsy by only doing a couple of simple things. No, I don't want you to join a Treasury team that would be just far too easy! I want you to make your shop catch people's eyes and cause organic want to feature your items in Treasuries.

Today I just want you to get into the planning stage. Go look at popular Etsy Treasuries. Go to and sort by Hotness. Study these treasuries. See if you can figure out what makes them so hot. Look at the pictures in the Treasury. Look at the tags used to promote the Treasury. Study everything. Learn what you can. Come back tomorrow for the next part of this challenge.

Feel free to leave a comment or question.

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