Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Etsy - What Is On Your To-Do List?

As many of you will probably agree, there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done! Sometimes it may feel quite overwhelming. Believe me, I know your pain. I am in the process of opening a brick and mortar retail location this Saturday and I have a show on Thursday!

If it wasn't for my to-do lists I would be pulling out all my hair right about now. I have written a couple times about the necessity of list writing. I am going to write about it again today because it is definitely on my mind. A good list helps you through the hectic times.

The main goal in list writing is to not only write your tasks down but to write the time you are going to dedicate to it. I check my email over coffee. I have budgeted 30 minutes to email and coffee. (Okay, sometimes the coffee part spills over into my next task- pun intended - but that is okay) I then spend 15 minutes reading my personal Facebook feed and then it is on to my business Facebook feed. On both, I share cute, witty, and/or relevant stuff. (Note- i do not post political, religious or inflammatory rhetoric on my business Facebook page)

After all that I write this blog. I dedicate 30 minutes here. I know it isn't much but I am a busy man! I think you are seeing the trends. I break my day into small segments and put them on a list. When I first started doing this I had to have a timer. Yes, a real timer like the one used in kitchens everywhere. Why? Because without a little discipline I can easily spend two hours in any one part of my daily lists.

Do you create lists? How do you time yourself? I would love to know. Send me an email to or leave a comment.


  1. I like the timer idea. I can spend WAY too much time on the computer otherwise. I don't allow myself to log onto Pinterest until after 10 pm.

  2. I am a list fan. I also am a timer fan....and yes sometimes I do run over my time, but I feel that doing this helps me accomplish much throughout the day. I usually do not tell people this because most people think I am nuts....they are also the ones who wonder how I get things done.