Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Branding Your Business Name

Recently I was asked a question how to get your business name branded. A logo is one thing but name recognition is very powerful. if you were to type your name into Google what would you see? I tried this experiment today and here are my results for searching Tangled Metal: 6 out of 10 results on page 1 are me. My website, my blog, my twitter, my Facebook, my Etsy shop and a couple more that are related to my products. I also put Market My Shop into Google and 6 of the 10 results again are me. How many of the listings are you when you type your business name into Google?

I have been branding the Tangled Metal name for over 2 years and the Market My Shop for about a year. Part of the success is due to having the same username on all major social media outlets. That builds consistency and recognition. Will Tangled Metal or Market My Shop ever be a household name? Probably not. But when someone forgets my web address and Googles one of my names, they will be directed to one of my web pages.

Another way that I brand my business name is that I have it in every single description on all of my Etsy listings. Every listing I have has this as the first line of my description: "product type - product category by Tangled Metal"

Etsy all but ignores your description but Google loves it! So, I am able to brand my product in Google and in the eyes of anyone who looks at one of my listings. This is just one of many ways to start branding your business name. I'll be back tomorrow with more. In the meantime if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email via


  1. Very helpful info. Thanks so much!

  2. It all boils down to getting exposure for the name of the business. This is the basic strategy that SEO companies apply when marketing to their clients. The more times a brand name or website URL appears in different places on the web, the quicker search engines like Yahoo and Google will pick them up. Every time a result with the brand name or the URL pops up in the search engine is exposure for the business, and that’s exactly what any online business wants and needs.

  3. I second the motion, Sage! Also, branding is a never-ending cycle, and in order to maintain the credibility of your brand’s name, you have to engage in an ongoing cycle. Thus, this is when SEO comes in. This process allows you to monitor your ranking in the search engine, strengthen, and refresh your brand. That way, your brand will fill a unique spot in the market place and to the consumers’ minds, too.

  4. I have all 10 search results on page 1 of Google for Prairie Primitives Folk Art! I also have 5 of 10 on page 2! :-)

    When I started using "Prairie Primitives" that's all I used, but that name was quickly copied by others ... GRRRR ... so I've added "Folk Art" to it in as many places as I can, so now I'm Prairie Primitives Folk Art ... which I think is better, because it says more about what I make. :-)

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