Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Tips For Branding Your Etsy Shop

One of the best ways to get more business on Etsy is to stand out int the crowd. Chances are, what you make is not exclusively made by you. There are thousands of crocheters, jewelry designers and people selling vintage goods. Each day that number grows. I have talked a little this week on branding your shop. Today I want to give some tips for you. Some you may think common sense but they might just be the key that puts you in front of the right customer.

1. Put your name somewhere in your description. Google will pick it up. That way if someone can remember your name but not your web address they can find you.

2. Put a signature on your email. Put your business name and a link to all your sites including Etsy, website, Facebook, Twitter and blog.

3. Sing your Etsy convos with "your name from your business." I sign all of my convos with "Eric from Market My Shop" because this builds name recognition and name association. It may seem redundant but that is the point!

4. Once you have a logo, don't change it. It is okay to modify it for the times but make sure it is always recognized as your logo. Over time this will build your customer recognition.

5. Use your shop name as your login id on all social networks. This means Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, pinterest, everything! You want people to see your business name at every turn!

6. If you are a member of a newsgroup or forum where you can have a signature USE IT! Put your shop name and a link to your shop.

7. Put your business name on your Etsy banner. You have no idea how many Etsy banners I see with no text on it at all.

8. Be active! That means be active on Etsy, Etsy forums, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest and anywhere that you can put your name.

9. Comment on blogs and Facebook posts. Make sure you are logged into your business name when you want to post on a blog. It is simple advertising and brand building.

10. Don't be afraid to try something new. If a new social media site opens up, join it. You never know what the next Facebook or Twitter will be. Getting your name in early on can be huge.

That is it for today. I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know if you have any questions by emailing or leave a comment.


  1. I have a related question. I use my first shop, The Mantua-Maker, on my posts, but I have three very different shops now. I log in and out of Etsy for each of them and join different teams for each of them, but what can I do on Google?

    I must admit I've given up on Google Plus and won't touch FB with a 100 foot pole (security issues), but I do list all three shops on my email signature.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    1. Not sure what "security issues" you have with Facebook. When you create a page no one can even see who the mods are. Facebook helps me more than any other social network and I have had 0 issues.

      I would suggest blogging and Twitter. Although, I think you are missing out from not using Facebook. Google will eventually pull your listings up, but you'll need to get a ton of backlinks to your shops to get your page rank up.

      You might contact me via email and explain your Facebook issues and I might have a way to help.

  2. Get Wisestamp for your email sig! It shows a pic of the last item you listed (or renewed) on Etsy! As far as I know, it only works on Gmail with Firefox. The basic service is free, although they do offer a paid upgrade. I've got the free version and I love it!

  3. im really enjoying your blog - thanks for the great articles. I would love to know more about how to get in touch with brick&mortar shops without offending or being over-bearing so I can start to offer wholesale?