Thursday, May 31, 2012

Etsy And The Art Of Networking

Who is in your circle? Adding people to your circle can help spread your product. When people add you to their circle they are updated when you add something new or renew an old item or re-list a sold item. When someone favorites one of your items, add the to your circle. About half the time, they will add you back.

Grow your network on Etsy by growing your circle. If you add me to your circle, I will add you to mine. This will help everyone grow! Here is my shop: Feel free to comment with your shop. Let's build a huge network!


  1. I've added your new shop! I have to admit, I'm a circle collector. :-)

  2. I added you. Networking is good!

  3. I think I followed some Forum threads and ended up here tonight. I know not one thing yet about relevency, SEO and and and. It's hard to know what you don't know. But looking forward to learning!
    My new shop is
    Your welcome to check out my blog also

  4. Hi - I found your blog link in one of my Etsy teams. I've also added you to my circle. I'm a new seller, and need all the help I can get - please add me.
    Thank you!