Thursday, May 24, 2012

Etsy Change To Multiple Quantity Listings

As of May 21st, Etsy changed the way you are charged when listing multiple quantities of a single item. Before the changes you were charged $.20 for each item. So, if you listed a quantity of 10 you were charged a listing fee of $1.00 when you listed or renewed.

The new changes allow you to list as many in the quantity as you like with a single $.20 fee. When you renew you are just charged $.20 as well. The way it works is when you sell one of your quantity you are charged $.20 for the next item in the listing. Or if you sell more than one at a time you are charged the fees on the items sold minus the first one which is already paid for plus a fee for the renewal of the next one if you still have it in stock.


List 10 of the exact same necklace. Pay $.20 for the entire listing
If 1 sales you are charged $.20 to "auto renew" your listing. You now have 9 necklaces.
Then if 5 sale you are charged $.1.0 ($.20 for the 4 not yet paid for plus $.20 for the next one)
You now have 4 necklaces, of which one already has the listing price paid.

It all reads like an elaborate math word problem but it boils down to this: Etsy has made it easy for people to sell multiple quantities of one item without having to renew it every time one is sold. What is unclear is whether the "auto renew" aspect actually works like an auto renew posting it as a new item to the "What's new in your favorite shop" feed. I will look into that and let you know. If you already have that answer please feel free to share.

I got really busy yesterday and didn't make time to post. Sorry about that. It would seem no matter how much time you budget, sometimes something happens to rearrange your schedule! I will be back tomorrow with more on my series of 'The Magic Numbers Of Etsy.'  Until then, let me know if you have any questions or comments either here on the blog or through email at


  1. That was interesting...seems a bit Baroque, but I am pleased they have made it easier. Thanks, Eric!

  2. I don't sell a lot of items that are made in multiples close enough to list them as a single listing, but I do like the idea of being able to list multiples and then pay the listing fee "as the need arises" w/o having to manually relist the item!