Monday, May 7, 2012

Etsy Registry

What a great idea for Etsy to do! I sell a few wedding items myself and I think that this may be a huge help to me. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of push to get the word out, or so it seems. I think it might be a good idea to help Etsy out on this one. It will help us out as well.

If you sell items that are used in weddings or as wedding favors or wedding gifts you might want to add a little link for the registry. By placing a link over to you can increase the chance that your item will sell.

Just add a line to your listing. You can choose your own verbiage but I would do something like this:

"Add this item to your registry! If you don't have a registry set up it is quick and easy, just follow this link:"

You may also want to tag a few of your wedding type items with "Etsy Registry" if you have not already. Of course just about any item can be put on a registry so you may want to tag a few of your items with "Wedding Gift" though I would not go overboard with this.

That is all for today. Questions and comments are welcome here or via email to