Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Etsy Tag Tip Update Monthly

Etsy tags are not something that you create and forget. Change them up often. Keep the ones that are always found in your "Keywords" Section of your Etsy stats but change the ones you never see. Here is an example:

I make a lot of jewelry with different color glass and stone beads. I have tagged many of my items with birthstone colors. On all of my listings with multiple colors (Using the variation option) I change out the main picture to correspond with the current month's birthstone color. I also change up my titles to match.

Here are some other reasons to update your tags:

1. Holidays - You probably already update for the major Holidays, but the smaller Holidays are good too! Columbus Day, Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, etc. are all worthy of changing your tags if you have something even remotely associated with the Holiday.

2. Cause Awareness - Things like Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Black History Month are great for tags. That is if you have a reason to tag your items that way. Perhaps you are going to donate 10% of all proceeds to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation or  an African-American College Fund.

3. Yearly Events - This year is the Chinese Year Of The Snake. If you have snake related items you may want to add that tag.

4. News Worthy Events - These can range from news of a meteor shower to news of a planet being taken off the planet list. If it is newsworthy and you have an item related to it the tag will draw attention.

5. Popular On Etsy - If it is popular on Etsy take advantage of it. Change your tags to reflect popularity. Geometric jewelry is big on Etsy right now. If you have a necklace in the shape of a triangle why wouldn't you tag it geometric? Subscribe to Etsy Finds for a daily dose of what is popular on Etsy.

The main thing to remember is you want to make sure you have a reason to tag your items with popular tags. If you only crochet hats you would not want to tag your items "Amethyst" UNLESS the hat is purple, the color of amethyst. You would not want to tag your hat "Year of the Snake" unless your hat is crocheted in the shape of a coiled snake.

I would love to hear some feedback on creative tagging reasons from you. Leave a comment and share with all the readers. Oh, and By The Way - Happy Fat Tuesday!

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