Monday, February 25, 2013

Etsy Shop Repeat Business

The last post was about defining your perfect customer. Hopefully you have done some brainstorming and figured out who your customer is. One thing not to forget is that your true ideal customer is one who has already bought something. Be sure to reward them! (Check out my article on How To Run A Sale On Etsy)

For each of my orders I generally put a small handwritten note with a repeat customer sale code that gives 10% off. Repeat business is great! I also try and get the customer to sign up for either my Newsletter(more on that soon), Facebook Page or Twitter account. That way I can give them more chances to save money buying from me.

What have you done to encourage repeat customers? How did it work? I would really like to know what has and has not worked for you. Please leave your story in the comments section.

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