Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Writing A Press Release For Your Etsy Shop

There are thousands of articles on how to write a press release strewn all over the Internet. So, I am not going to go into detail about the how of writing a press release. I am going to talk briefly on the why, when and where.

Why you would write a press release is pretty simple: Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! The idea is to draw the attention to you and your shop, whether it be crafts or vintage. You write a press release to get people to notice you and your products.

The "when" of writing a press release is a little more complicated. You should write a press release when you have something that is news worthy. Maybe you have been chosen to make something for a local celebrity or you were accepted into a prestigious art show. Maybe you are going to be featured on a morning talk show. Or maybe you just came out with a product that everyone will love.

Submit your press release to your local newspaper. That is, if they have a section that appropriate for your press release. The "Living" or "Fashion" sections usually work. Newspaper and magazine editors like well written time sensitive articles and press releases. Why? Because they do not have to write it!

It is good to check to see what the submission guidelines are for where you want to submit. Some publications have deadlines and rules to follow. Most publications will have the guidelines at the beginning or end of the publication (in print) or is a section on their website. If they do not, write or call them before submitting.

Make sure you have something to say. Make sure what you have to say is timely and interesting. Make sure you submit it correctly. This can get you a lot of exposure. If you have trouble writing, there are services out there that are free or low cost. You probably even have a friend that studied journalism.

I'll be back tomorrow with some tips and tricks to help you gain higher Search Engine Rankings! Until then, please send questions to MarketMyShop@gmail.com or leave a comment.

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