Monday, March 19, 2012

Having More Than One Etsy Shop?

After closing my ArtFire Shop and posting about it here, a reader brought up the question of having more than one Etsy shop. The simple answer is, yes, it is just fine to have more than one Etsy shop. Of course, I think it may be a good idea to go into detail on the answer.

I have actually been contemplating this very idea for a while now. I have two very diverse areas of expertise. I make jewelry and I make chainmail. There is a lot of cross over in the two. Most of the chainmail I make today is in the form of jewelry. Of course I make more than one style of jewelry, so that is another whole aspect.

Etsy gives you the ability to set up 10 categories in your shop. Currently mine are broken into chainmail items and steampunk items. Steampunk is the style of jewelry most prevalent in my shop after chainmail. So, I have my categories broken into sections like "Chainmail Necklaces" "Chainmail Earrings" "Chainmail Geekery" "Steampunk Necklaces" "Steampunk Earrings" and so on. It is just about to the point that I do not have enough sections for all that I am making.

Now, when I start making jewelry that isn't considered steampunk I will have to either make my sections more broad or start another shop. If your shop seems cluttered that is an indication that you need more than one shop. If you sell vintage clothing and handmade soap and jewelry you may need three shops.

A word of caution on having multiple shops, you will have to market each shop individually even if they are tied together. To make it a bit easier I would try and make the names of the shops work together. If I were to split my shops I would probably have "Tangled Metal Steampunk" "Tangled Metal Chainmail" and maybe "Tangled Metal Fine Jewelry" though I do not have the energy at the moment to do so. Currently I have about 230 items in my shop and they are about equal in the amount of steampunk and chainmail. When that changes or I have over 500 items in my shop I do plan to open a second shop.

I will talk a little more about this tomorrow as I think it is a pretty good topic to cover. Until then, have a great day and be sure to send your questions to:

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