Thursday, March 22, 2012

Etsy Checkout?

There hasn't been a huge fanfare or anything about Etsy Checkout. In fact someone told me about it and I had to look for it! The idea is simple, Etsy is going to provide their own credit card processing center for every shop on Etsy, much like PayPal does for, well, everyone on the planet.

It is unclear if it is in beta stage or no stage at all. I have yet to hear of anyone that has it yet. So, if you have it available to you please let me know. How do you find out? Go to Your Shop and click on Shipping and Payments on the left side of your screen. Go to the Payment Methods Tab and see if you can check the box next to the credit card logos. There is a message next to it if you don't have it yet. Clicking on that link will take you to a place to sign up for info about it.

I personally like the idea of having options for payments. I wish Etsy would add Amazon Payments. Unfortunately I am a single voice in a sea of chatter.

That is it for today. See you all tomorrow!


  1. There was a long discussion in the forums when they started rolling it out. It didn't sound favorable - Etsy will hold all payments for three days!

  2. It's not available to my shop yet, but I have mixed feelings about it with what I've read in the forums. Like Deb said, Etsy will hold all payments for 3 days AND will hold payments until item ships. This could be a problem for sellers doing "made to order" and custom work that needs prepayment. Paypal certainly has its issues, but I don't have either of these restrictions with Paypal. Agreed though - more options is good.

  3. I like the idea of adding payment options but I'm not a fan of the way Etsy is going about it. They charge listing fees, transaction fees and now they want a fee to allow them to hold payment for 3 days! Not for me. Paypal charges fees too but at least your balance is available right away. I haven't run into a problem with the withdrawal limit on paypal yet and if I did, I might feel differently, but for now I'm regarding it as another way for Etsy to stick its hand out. I tried search ads and they were a waste. I'd like to hear some positive feedback before I try this one out.

  4. I actually have it. I started using it less than a week ago, and I've already had to sales using it. I have heard from some other members that they're getting 75% of their sales using the direct checkout option. So I'm good with it. The fees are comparable with PayPal fees, which I checked out before I signed up. But if it helps a seller make that decision to buy, then I'm in favor.

  5. Sorry, typo above... I've had two sales using direct checkout. :)

  6. Several members of my team are using Direct Checkout and they say it's responsible for quite a few of their sales. Personally, I can't quite get past the part about having to ship the item before I have access to the $$ which the buyer paid for it ... and even then, it would likely be another few days before it reaches my bank account! I'm half-tempted to try it (my I is that I can bail out, at least for now, if I don't like it) just to see if it works for me. I just don't know what to do ...

    I believe that I'm set up for Amazon Payments, so that makes 2 of us who would be happy with that option!