Friday, March 23, 2012

Etsy Teams Are Great

Most of my sales come from outside of Etsy. Most of my sales, but not all. Approximately 30% of my sales come from direct interaction inside of Etsy. Some of that is from being on the front page treasury and some of it is from being featured in Etsy Finds. Most of it is interaction with Etsy Teams.

Teams are a great place to find like minded people, people living close to you and people who know more about Etsy than you do. I am currently a member of 25 Etsy Teams. Keeping up with them all can be a daunting task. But taking 30 to 45 minutes each morning to skim through them with my coffee can be quite beneficial.

I look for people asking questions that I know the answer to to help them out and I look for answers to my questions. Etsy Success is one of my favorite teams. I have helped many a new Etsian there as well as learned valuable information for my self. Here are a few more teams that are very helpful: Beginner SEO, Helpful Relevancy Team, and Seemingly Undiscovered.

Go join a team or 25 today and interact! Most teams have a thread to show your latest work or your newest treasury. Be sure to read about the team to see what is allowed and what isn't. There are tons of teams for your art as well. Just do a search for your medium and see what pops up.


  1. this was a great post. Thank you for your links to teams that you find most helpful. I ended up joining a couple of them already and learned some new things. Many thanks!

  2. Oh, dear, 25? I'm on 7 across 3 shops, and not keeping up. I'll try harder!

    Marked for checking out those teams when I have more time. Thanks!

  3. Beginner SEO ... Fantastic team and much to learn there. Thanks so much for all the suggestions. Karen

  4. I'm on quite a few teams, but keep up with very few of them. It DOES help that Etsy now sends an email "digest" of sorts, but I only get that for a couple of the teams. Right now (in case you haven't noticed ... LOL!) I'm going thru the emailed posts from this blog that piled up over the last 6 months when I had a FT temp gig. Gig's over, I'm drowning in wholesale, and taking a little break.

    Anywayyy ... HOW do you get thru even a handful of teams (let alone 25!) in 45 minutes??? Do you visit each team every day???