Monday, January 28, 2013

Craftopolis - A Friend For Etsy Users

Craftopolis is a great place for Etsy users to streamline some things that Etsy doesn't necessarily make easy for you. The very first thing you should do when you get there is put your username in the box. That will bring up a few options for you. For convenience sake I am using my shop TangledMetal.

After you enter your user name you need to import your Etsy account info. Don't worry, this api does not store anything on their system. Simply click the Import button on the left box for Etsy. The right hand box imports your Google Analytics if you wish to use the Tag Report Feature. *Please note you need to be logged into your Google account that you have your analytics on

After clicking import, you will be moved over to your Etsy account to allow access to your account. If you are not signed into your Etsy account you'll be asked to log in. After clicking Allow Access at the bottom of the page, you will be brought back to Craftopolis.

Here you will see some general information such as when you joined Etsy, number of listing you have and how many Hearts/Favorites your shop has. If you signed into your Google Analytics account you'll be able to see how your current tags and keywords are going. Edit Express is my favorite. It bring up the option to edit all of your Price, Title, Quantity and Descriptions form on page. No more opening each page individually! You can also do a global price increase by dollar or percentage with the option to round up or down!

These tools are invaluable to anyone who has more than just a few listings. With my 350 to 400 listings at any given time, it has saved me literally hours work! I hope that you will all give it a try. And just for the record, Craftopolis did not pay me in any way for an endorsement! In fact, they do not even know I am doing this write up!

Do you know of a cool time saving tool for Etsy or ArtFire? Please feel free to share with me. I would be happy to give it a try and do a review. Please send me an email to and i will get right on it. Have questions? Comments? You can leave them here or send them to my email listed above.

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