Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Swamped With Orders

Hi everyone. I have been swamped with orders and just have not had the time to write. I have been working 16 to 18 a day for the last week and just had to step away from the blog for a few days. I will try to resume the blogging later this week with an article on Black Friday Sales.

In the meantime, why don't you email me your Black Friday ideas. If you have a great idea I may feature you on the blog. marketmyshop@gmail.com


  1. Free Shipping for orders placed on Black Friday.

    Black Friday Coupon Code - BLACK10 (10% off)

    Wrap items in black tissue paper tied with black and white polka dot ribbon and add a Black Friday thank you note.

    Possibly create Etsy Team promotions or Team Treasuries:

    Stocking Stuffers under $25
    Deck the Halls under $25
    Hostess Gifts under $25
    Gifts for the Hard to Buy For
    (grandparents, in-laws, etc.)

  2. Glad to hear you're swamped with orders!

    I don't have any particular Black Friday suggestions. Last year I participated in Etsy's Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions but didn't have a single sale on either day. :-(

    Yesterday I decided to give renewing another try. I've done this from time to time, but rarely stuck with it more than a week at a time. Just yesterday, my views nearly doubled from my average of 40/day to 75. Got a couple of hearts too. I've already renewed one item today and will renew another around noon, and then later in the day.

  3. PPFA, thanks for the reminder about renewing! I have been so focused on Showcases, Ads, and who knows what else, I am glad you reminded me of this old standard. Just renewed my most popular set and fingers crossed for some holiday orders soon!

    Btw, I am offering 15% off from Friday until Monday using code BFRIDAY. This is scheduled to be my main discount from now until the holidays, so if a baby or new mom is on your gift list, be sure to stop by!


    Stephanie @ lilybean