Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Are You Doing For Your Etsy Shop For Christmas

Again I am swamped with some orders and really have to get them out. So I thought today we would get your input. The question for today is "What are you doing for your Etsy shop for Christmas?"

Are you going to have a killer Black Friday Event?

Are you going to have a Cyber Monday Sale?

Are you going to add some additional advertising?

I really would like to know what you plan to do to put your shop on top for this Christmas. Let the commenting begin!


  1. All of the above! I don't have it hashed out yet and it's my first Etsy Christmas, so not sure the best approaches, but I think I'm definitely going for Black Friday and Cyber Monday at least...

  2. Last year, I had a Black Friday sale and a Cyber Monday sale (and more) ... for all the good it did. I had 3 sales in the week surrounding Thanksgiving, but none on Friday or Monday! I'll probably try again this year though.

    My goal is to have at least 50 items in my shop by Thanksgiving.

    I'll be changing to my holiday banner on 11/1.

  3. This is my first Christmas on Etsy, so I'm listening intently to all the information.

    I'm going to offer free gift wrapping and I think a Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday would be a good idea. What type of discounts do y'all plan on using? Do you use a coupon or just change the pricing? That would be kind of difficult if there are many listings.

    I'm also making some Hanukkah bibs/sets - it falls on 12/20 this year so I can combine the two very easily - even have some cute fabric and graphics to use...

    I'm not sure about changing my banner - do most people do that? Inquiring minds want to know....


  4. I will be offering expedited shipping for all of those lat minute holiday shoppers.