Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twitter Revisited: Part Two Setup

Welcome back to the blog. Today we are going to go through the steps on setting up a Twitter account. 

Step one: Go to http://www.twitter.com You should see something like the above image. Put in your Name, Email and a password. Please note that you should have a different password for any and all different accounts that you have. In other words this should not be your email password or Facebook password. Use a combination of upper and lowercase and numbers for a strong password.

After you fill out the info, click sign up.

If all goes well, you should see a screen like above. Here you will enter your desired username. Usernames have to be 15 characters or less.  Remember your branding and try to come up with a username that is the same as your shop name or at least close.

If the username you want is unavailable it will show and you'll have to enter a different username. You may want to break up words by using capital letters like this: MarketMyShop Though the usernames are not case sensitive it helps for people to read your username easier. It can also help search engines to parse the words easier.

I suggest reading the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy because you are agreeing to certain things when you click Create my account. After that, you can go to your account and add a profile pic, write a brief bio, set up themes and much more. You will get an email from Twitter that you have to use to confirm your account.

Explore all of the things that you can do. Fill out as much information as you can. Don't start tweeting yet, because no one is following you yet. Tomorrow we will go into how to get people to follow you. In the meantime just explore. Twitter will probably give you a list of celebrities to follow. Follow whoever you like.

That is it for today. See you all back here tomorrow!


  1. When I set up my Twitter account, it was actually done by a daughter, who was sorting out the social media mess I'd got myself into.

    Result is that my Twitter account address (the @ one) bears no relation to my google e-mail address, nor the blog or etsy shop. Whilst I am getting followers, think I'd get more if I could change: is that possible? If so, can you do a blog about it, please - am sure I'm not the only one to have made this error! Isobel

  2. Isobel,
    Changing you Twitter name is very easy. Just go to the top right hand side of your page and click the little down arrow next to your profile name and go to settings. Under username, just change it to what you want and if it is available then hit save at the bottom of the page. That is all you have to do. But be sure you let all of your followers know you did it.

  3. Thanks - not sure how many folks will be interested, but will certainly have a go at notifying folks. Golly this social media lark does require time, doesn't it? That's, with a disabled husband to cope with, is in short supply! Cheers - and as ever, thanks for the tips!

  4. Hello again - had a spare moment and have told all my apparent twitter followers. Do I also tell Facebook friends, as well as all the Etsy convo contacts? Obviously, have to change my Etsy profile address, but who else, please? Tks.

  5. Isobel,
    Any time you change a name or an address or an email address or anything that a customer uses to find you it is best to inform as many a possible.