Friday, February 7, 2014

Trending On Etsy

Ever wonder where you can find what is trending on Etsy? The answer is here:  This page gives you a list of what is currently trending on Etsy. It just so happens that somehow I now have an item from my shop on that page! It is huge news for me. That one item has received over 100 Favorite Hearts in the last 72 hours!

I didn't know much about what that page actually was but I finally have figured it out. If an item on Etsy starts to get a lot of favorites it goes to the Trending page. I do not know how many favorites it has to get. All I know is that once it got to the page it got a lot more favorites.

So, lets try an experiment. Everyone who reads this post go to and favorite the item. When you are done, come back here and post a link to one item you have in your shop that you would like to get more favorites on. Everyone then go and favorite everyone else's item. Lets see if we can keep my item on the trending page and get your items on the trending page!

Let the favoriting begin!



  2. Followed your advise, here is my link, good luck to you. Thank you for a great idea.


  4. Great blog! Here's the link to my listing:

  5. Let's hope it works :-)
    Here is mine: