Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Gain Followers On Social Networks And Keep Them!

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and others are the 'Word of Mouth' of the new millennium. To be successful you need to learn how to gain followers and keep them. They will be the bread and butter of being successful.

I have written many articles on how to start your Twitter account, your Facebook page and Pinterest along with others. That is the very first step to creating a useful and meaningful social network. They can't come to you if you are not there. Even Etsy itself is based on social connections. Favoriting, Following and Sharing is at the core foundation on how Etsy works and has become so very successful!

Over the next few days I will be writing about how to gain and keep followers in your social networks.  I am always open to questions and comments so let me know where you'd like the conversation to go. If you do not already have the social networks I have mentioned above started, search my blog for instructions on how to get them.

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