Friday, February 14, 2014

Make Your Etsy Shop Work For You!

This year has been slow on sales for me so I decided I needed to step up my game a bit. I want to see those emails flying in with Notification of Payment Received! Last year I averaged 40 shop views and 120 item views a day. I also averaged 1 shop favorite and 10 item favorites a day. Those numbers did alright for me but nowhere near what I need.

So far this year I have averaged 69 shop views and 112 page views a day. Better though is my favorite average of 10 shop favorites and 63 item favorites a day! That's 29 more shop views a day but 8 item views a day less so far.But I am averaging 9 more shop favorites and 53 more item favorites a day. These numbers look good and are only growing!

This is all due to some really hard work. I spend my time fine tuning Titles, Tags and Descriptions. I cam constantly checking to see what my competition is doing differently. I am checking to see if my tags are performing. I check to see if I come up in Etsy search for the words I am aiming for. And it is all working.

I am just working two of my four shops now. I realized that I my have been spreading myself a bit too thin. So, dropping down to just two shops has given me the time to really spend some efforts growing my business. Next week I will be talking more about how I am gaining steam and how you can do the same. Until then have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I agree, four shops is just too many to keep up with. I'm working on just two right now. One is doing great, the other better than before but not up to snuff.

    I'm looking forward to you posts next week. Happy Valentines to you and your lady!