Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Succeed With Your Etsy Shop

The above illustration is so accurate that it made me laugh out loud! If success was as easy as a straight line everyone would succeed with everything they do. Of course, today I am just talking about Etsy success. How to succeed with your Etsy shop is something that is personal to each and every one of you.

I measure success differently each and every day. Some days it is gaining 50 followers or Getting 25 item hearts. Other days it is making a $150 sale and some days it is getting a $5 sale. The point is that there is no guideline written that shows what success is with your Etsy shop.

I like to set goals for my Etsy shop. When sales are down I set goals on how many descriptions I can rewrite in a day or how many new photos I can take. I try and stay busy improving my shop. When sales are up I try to set goals on how many items I sale or how much income I can bring in. I set a lot of goals.

The point in setting goals is to see where things are working and what needs to be improved on. There is no point setting a goal if you do not plan to analyze how you did! So, today, I would like each of you to set a small goal for the day and then this time tomorrow analyze how you did. My goal for the day is to revamp five listings. In that I m going to rewrite the Title, Description and Tags to try and get five of my items to perform better. Tomorrow I will let you know how I did.

Post your goal here in the comments and tomorrow we can all see how we did. Good luck, everyone!

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  1. My goal is to take the word "Shipping" out of some of my listings. I checked a word-cloud tool, and Shipping was my biggest word. Yikes!