Thursday, February 23, 2012

Facebook Advertising for Etsy

I have tried a few forms of advertising, from Google AdWords to buying impressions on blogs. So far, the best results have come from my Facebook Ad Campaign. In the last three months I went from just under 500 to over 1100 fans to my Facebook page. That does not seem like much but it has brought a lot of traffic to my Etsy shop and I can directly attribute several sales directly from my Facebook page.

Before I start to get into how to go about starting a Facebook Advertising Campaign let me first talk about budgeting. We all set budgets for materials, internet and tools. If you want to have a successful advertising campaign you must set a budget. My budget right now is $50 a month. That is  $600 a year. It seems like a lot but the return can be huge.

The great thing about Facebook advertising is that the fans you have are a short term and long term investment. The fan may not buy from you today or tomorrow or even this year, but one day you'll post the right picture or special and that person will buy something that pays for a full month of advertising.

So, with all of that being said, sit down and try to figure out what it will take to dedicate $50 a month for advertising. It might mean no Starbucks coffee for a few days. It might mean not renting a movie or buying a pair of shoes. Whatever you have to sacrifice today will worth every penny and more in the future. Don't even call it a sacrifice, call it a postponement.

That is all for today. Come back tomorrow with your $50 a month budget. If you cannot come up with a $50 a month budget come up with some form of steady advertising budget that you can handle and I will do my best to help you with that as well. Feel free to ask any questions you may have either as a comment or email:


  1. I will gladly come up with $50 a month if you can help me increase my traffic to Etsy and teach me more about online marketing. I am great at creating - not so much at figuring out how to do the tech stuff. thanks for all your help!

  2. My facebook ads have also been successful, but I notice that a lot of those fans are fans of all sorts of crazy things, which makes me suspect that Facebook hires people to click on ads in order to make new advertisers feel like a success. One way around this, I suppose is to only advertise to friends of friends of the page, but I question how many of my new facebook fans are really potential customers.