Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Etsy Search Getting On Top With Descriptions

Etsy Search
I have talked about Keywords, Tags, Titles, and Photos now I would like to try and pull it all together with the addition of the Description. When a customer/shopper does an Etsy search, the first thing the Etsy Search Engine does is look to find exact keyword phrase matches in the title, tags and description. So trying to guess what the searcher is going to search is the name of the game. See the article on How People Search written earlier here.

You learned that placing your chosen keyword phrases into your Tags and Title help to be found. But you also learned that Tag stuffing and Title stuffing does not do any good. Etsy also says not to use generic terms in your tags such as "Stocking Stuffer" because it might be misleading. HOWEVER it is 100% okay to optimize your description for keyword phrases that are not allowed in the Tags section.

You can say your item is perfect for a Christmas Stocking Stuffer in your description. The Etsy search will look for exact keyword phrases in your description, so if you ran out of tags this is the perfect place to put them in. Just make sure that your description sounds conversational. Use your keywords you are trying to optimize for close to the beginning of the description and put things like exact measurements after all of that. It is rare that someone searches for a pendant that is 7/8 inch long. They will more than like be looking for a silver pendant or a steampunk pendant.

I hope this helps to clear a few things up for you. If not please feel free to ask a question and I will be happy to clarify for you.


  1. Good reminder, and good point on some specific info like measurements. Although, I do put the total length of the long earrings I sell, or the size of the ring in tags and titles, as well as in the descriptions. I found that some measurements on certain items may serve as a key factor, likes shoes. They are good only if they fit. :)