Monday, April 22, 2013

Winter Is Done - Time To Get Busy!

Sorry for the temporary interruption of blogging. I have been very busy lately and this blog has suffered a bit. The good news is that I am back! A lot of exciting articles are in the works along with some eBooks and the like. The winter is finally over and it is time for some spring cleaning!

In the days to come I'll be writing about some new features on Etsy including Coupon Code changes and newly added digital downloads. I will also try and write about a couple of other ideas to help put more people in front of your shop. Tomorrow I will continue talking a bit about How to Price Your Handmade Items.

I am glad to be back! Hopefully I can make time to write from now on. That is it for today. Feel free to send me your questions and comments. You can leave them here on the post or send me an email to


  1. (waves) I'm glad to see you back!

  2. Welcome back! How's the r/l shop going?

    Let's talk about Etsy Wholesale! I got a rejection email from them today. Don't think they even looked at my shop, cuz they suggested that I might enjoy selling on If they would have looked at my shop, they would have seen that I've had my Etsy shop for 6.5 years! To quote just one sentence from their email, "Our vendors must have certain levels of experience and qualifications." I have been wholesaling for 19 years, so I don't know how much more experience or qualifications they're wanting people to have!

    1. Haha! Sounds like they just sent you their standard reply. I would not worry with them anymore. It is their loss!

      The Brick And Mortar is holding its own. Winter in a Spring/Summer/Fall Tourist Town can be difficult. There was only one month that didn't pay for itself and it wasn't too far off. So, year one was a success overall. Will be blogging about it later.