Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Show Season Starts Soon

Spring is in the air in many parts of the US. That means the craft/art shows will be starting soon. My season starts tomorrow with the Fayetteville First Thursday Art Walk. Art walks and craft shows are an excellent way to expand your business. The booth fees are usually very low which is always good.

Many towns have several shows a year, many of which are sponsored by the town's tourism department. Call your local city hall for information. If they don't know, chances are they know someone who does. In addition to art shows and craft fairs many towns have multiple Farmer's Markets. That is another great opportunity to make new contacts and possibly even a few sales!

I started doing art shows with my family when I was very young. I later went on to owning booths at several Renaissance Faires all across the US. I am pretty much retired from doing shows full time. With my brick and mortar I only have time for a few local shows. I will be working on some "How To's" regarding doing art or craft shows in the near future. If you set up at a show or 12 I would love to hear about your How To's and tips.

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