Thursday, August 9, 2012

Etsy Direct Shipping

Yesterday I went to my sold items to mark them as shipped after creating the labels from PayPal. Low and behold I noticed something I had not seen before. There is now an option for creating shipping labels directly from Etsy! Now, apparently not everyone has this option yet and I never received a notification about it.

This is their answer to shipping with Etsy Direct Checkout. I had already made my labels so I have no idea what the pricing is and if it is comparable to PayPal or the USPS site. Hopefully Etsy won't be trying to make money off the shipping any more than they already do with your final fees.

Here is how it looks to work. You create the postage and the cost gets added to your Etsy bill. I can see this being a huge problem for some people. Your Etsy bill could get pretty hefty. Though it should come in pretty handy for those orders made through Etsy Direct Checkout. Well, it saves a short amount of time anyway. I guess as with all things, only time will tell.

If you already have this feature and are using it,  I would like to hear what your experiences are. Leave a comment or send me an email to


  1. Shipping was a big issue for me when I started using Direct Checkout. I can ship up to 20 items a day and entering it into paypal was a hassle.
    I had to decide - stop DC or use a shipping provider.

    I choose ShipStation - and I absolutely love it. It prints my ups, fedex, all usps and best of all, first class international. And it marks items shipped in etsy. And it automatically send a shipping notice.

    I am glad they FINALLY added shipping to DC but I am going to stick with ShipStation. It might be $25 a month but it also saves me time!

  2. I don't have the shipping available yet, I finally signed up for direct checkout a few weeks ago. My understanding according to Etsy is that it is the same price as Paypal for shipping. I get an etsy newsletter around once a week, one of those features that can be signed up for and they tell about new features like this.

  3. It is the same price as Paypal shipping - the big hang-up for people seems to be the fact that there is a dollar limit to how much you can ship before you must pay your Etsy bill to continue (even if it is before the due date of the bill). I think it's $25 for most, so if in the first few days of the month your bill hits $25 you will be prevented from shipping until you pay it. For busy shops, they could be paying their bill several times a month, or more. I haven't tried it yet, I'll stick with Paypal & use paypal/shipnow for my DC orders as I don't have that many as yet.

  4. I have done this before, except it was with home direct shipping. I thought that they were the only shipping company to think of this, but I guess this is trending among third party shippers. It is pretty interesting how small service companies like these draw you into using there service.