Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meeting Your Goals

Early last month I set a goal for myself. My goal was to have 400 items in my Tangled Metal Etsy Shop. Yesterday at 3:30pm I listed item number 400. It wasn't easy but I made it happen. You have to have a 'make it happen' attitude if you want to meet your goals.

When setting your goals be sure to make your goals reasonable. Do not set a goal that you cannot reach. It will only bring disappointments. Make sure to make your goals specific. Saying 'my goal is to make a lot of money' is very vague and hard to track. A goal of making $500 in the month of August is a specific goal that can be measured.

I have a new goal to have 650 items in my shop by October 1st. I think it is a reasonable goal. I would like to hear about your goals and how you managed to meet them or why you didn't. Leave a comment or send me an email to

As always, my blog is 100% free. People ask me all the time why I do this. When I started Etsy there just wasn't all that much info out there to help me figure it all our. Etsy tends to make their instructions difficult to follow. I wanted to be able to help others by making things easier to understand.

People also ask how I make enough money doing this. The honest answer is I don't. I do sell a Facebook Advertising Guide in my Market My Shop Etsy Shop. I also do a little consulting on a one one one basis. If you are getting something out of this blog and you'd like to 'buy me a drink' or say 'thank you' you can send a gift through PayPal using my email:


  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal! And BIGGER congratulations on maintaining nearly that number (you're at 396 right now)!

    I've been trying to reach my goal of 50 items for a LONG time now. I came close around Thanksgiving last year, then sold a lot of stuff at a show in early December. I had a FT temp gig for 6 months this year and am just now getting back to making stuff FT but, alas, I'm now filling wholesale orders rather than stocking my shop (I'm NOT complaining ... well, ok, maybe just a wee bit frustrated, but that's all. LOL!). I've got 43 items in my shop right now but 3 of them will expire today. I'm not sure I'll relist them since they've been there 6 months or more (2 of them have been there probably a year or more), and I'm 99% sure two, if not all three, will sell at a show in 6 weeks! But my goal is still 50 items. Then I'll think about going higher than that! :-)

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  2. PS: Have you thought about adding a PayPal "donate" button right here on your blog?

    1. The donation part of PayPal is really reserved for fundraising. It isn't really set up for people like me to accept "tips."