Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Are Your July Sales?

I ended up having a great June in my Tangled Metal Etsy Shop. I averaged one sale per day. Then July hit. My average so far for the month is one sale every two days. July is traditionally a slow month on Etsy. Part of the reason is that so many families vacation in July. So, you must come up with cleaver ideas and tactics to make some sales.

Christmas in July is a great way to make a few extra sales during the month. I do not usually do a sale in my shop in July but next year I do plan to. There is a lot of marketing going into Christmas in July and that means that with a few well placed tags and titles you can let someone else pay for the advertising, namely Etsy.

July is also a good month to get into gear for Back to School. Having a back to school sale is always a great idea. Here again, you are able to, with some well placed tags and titles, allow someone else to put out the advertising dollars for you. The best form of advertising is the free stuff!

I am always looking for new ideas to help increase sales in traditionally slow times. I would love to hear what you have done to increase your sales. I run a brick and mortar in addition to wholesaling and having an Etsy shop. I am very fortunate that when one area is slow is sales another area usually picks up the slack. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email to MarketMyShop@gmail.com


  1. Eric, thanks for the BTS sale tip. Most of my items are inexpensive enough to qualify as dorm decor.
    My sales increased a tiny bit when I made a few things on a whim that were outside of what I normally create. I was happily surprised when some folks really related to them because I had primarily made them for good mental health and as a creative exercise. Yay!
    Thanks again for the BTS tip.

  2. July was a ho-hum month for me on Etsy (as are most months). But August ... WOW!!! That was my best month ever on Etsy and I've had a shop there for 6 years! I sold a "whopping" $150, and that was just two sales! :-)

    This month, I've already had 600 more hits than ALL of last month. I have received twice as many listing favorites and about the same number of shop favorites as in August. But I've only sold 1/3 the dollar amount. Go figure.