Monday, July 23, 2012

Engaging Your Audience On Facebook

Last week I talked about what NOT to do on business Facebook page. Basically, avoid anything that invokes a very strong emotion such as Politics or Religion. That is, unless you are selling Political or Religious items, then it may be alright. Today I would like to try and give you some ideas of what is good to post on your page.

On my Tangled Metal Facebook Page I try and post a mix of different things. I post a lot of pictures of my products. It is a business page after all. In addition to that I generally post pictures that are related to my genre of jewelry, fashion and accessories. I usually do not post links to my competition. Since I make chainmaille and steampunk items there are plenty of places to find cool images or stories to pass on to my fans.

Another thing I post is quotes from famous people that inspire me and hopefully will inspire others. Then there is the "fluffy bunny" stuff that I post. This usually consists of baby animals, babies and other things that anyone would consider cute. This usually gets the most shares and comments and likes.

The main point is, you should be posting a wide range of things. Things that are not inflammatory topics or images. You want to entice your fans to be active on your page so when you do post images and links from your shop you will get a better reaction.

I hope this helps. I welcome additional tips from you. I also welcome questions. Leave a comment or send me an email:


  1. Good tips! I always try to approach my Facebook page professionally, and try to think of what I would want to see if I were a fan of a page: some product insights/behind the scenes, some random thoughts during the creative process, some humor, etc. Thanks for this post!

  2. I find my garden photos and trials get fairly viral, too. I think BaxCat has a good point about random thoughts during the creative process...though some of my random thoughts are not really appropriate! :D Do you know if its possible to use the Etsy app on one's FB page. Seems it might be useful? What do you think?