Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get More Views On Etsy

We are all looking to get more views for our shops. More views mean more potential for sales. Of course, it only takes one view from the right one person to make a sale. There are a few things that you can do to help increase your views. Today I would like to point a few of those out.

1. Add more items to your shop. A lot of people talk about a magic number of items in your shop. At that magic number you start to make sales. While everyone seems to have a different magic number most agree it is around or over 100 items. More items means more results in searches and more items to look through.

2. Link to your shop sections. If you have 10 pairs of earrings you can have 10 potential views. Within your listing say something like "For more variety see my Earrings Section" This will get people to view more items in your shop per visit. If you have an item that isn't in a section link to the main page of your shop. Every listing should have a link to somewhere in your shop.

3. Blog about it. If you have a blog, mention and link to shop sections as well as the items. Directing someone to a section in your shop gives them far more options than just to an item, even if there is a link to the section from the item.

4. Tweet about it. Tweet about the sections in your shop. It will get people to go to your shop rather than look at the item in Twitter. It is easy not to go to the item if it is shown in Twitter.

5. Put your best face forward. Put the best items you have on the front page of your shop. Enable the Rearrange Shop function and move the best to the front. Try to put a variety of items on the first page. Also put a broad price range on the page. When you renew or add items remember Etsy puts them on the first page of your shop so you need to rearrange after adding new items or renewing items unless you want them on the first page. Also make sure that you are not duplicating your "Featured" items.

Maybe something here is a new idea for you or maybe you just forgot about doing it. Every little bit you can do to offer your potential customers a variety the better chance you have to convert them to a sale. Please feel free to add items to the list in the comments. Or if you don't understand, ask a question.


  1. This is some great advice and I think I will re-visit my shop and make a few tweaks!! Thanks!

  2. great tips as usal, yes ineed to add the links to my categorise to all of my items, keep on forgetting to do that...running off to fixing my descriptions...( i think this is what i do everyday now :) )

  3. Brilliant ideas, especially linking back to sections! I plan to do that ASAP.

  4. Never thought about linking to the sections - thanks for that tip.

    However, logically (at least to my mind, anyway) it seems tidier to have all the same types together. This is the way my shop ( is arranged.

    So, you are suggesting juggling them around, but still linking to the sections - you reckon more views might be achieved?

    Actually as I type, it's making sense! Will certainly try it, anyway!

  5. This is so great, I've seen linked sections on a single listing. I may just give it a try myself! Thanks for the good advice:)

  6. I've linked some of my items to other parts of my shop, but not all. It's a good idea to get viewers moving around your shop & staying a little longer. I like making little themes to each line of the shop (at least the first page or two), maybe it also helps to get viewers moving around & thinking of combinations...Thank you for all the good tips!

  7. I never thought about rearranging the items on the front page of my shop, but it makes great sense, as well as having items with a variety of pirce points. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Great information! Speaking of re-arranging my shop (, I just tried it...I moved/dragged items around...then I clicked save...when I went to the main page again, they were in the original order. Did I miss something in the instructions?

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