Monday, June 25, 2012

Etsy About Page

Etsy added a way to expand what you can show your customers about yourself. I stumbled across it purely by accident. It is in the Info &Appearance section. You can add a photo of yourself, multiple product photos, more info on you and your company and EXTERNAL links!

The portrait photo is one you can have of yourself. This will allow you to keep your avatar photo whatever you wish and still have a photo of yourself. This is pretty nice because I have found I get more people looking at my profile through clicking on my avatar when it is a product photo rather than one of me. If you have multiple employees you can also set up profiles for each of them.  Of course you have to set up yourself as the owner before you can do that.

After you set up a short bio, much like your profile bio, you can set a full story and add pictures. You are able to upload 5 pics with captions. These do not have to be current products. They can be just about anything. You can have pics of your work area, past projects, etc. On the about section they are a slideshow.

At the end of the info you are allowed to add 3 external links. They are for Facebook, Twitter, your website or blog. These links are GREAT for SEO because of the weight an Etsy link carries. This is the first time Etsy has ever allowed external links. The links open in a new tab and for you SEO nerds, there is not a "no follow" attached to the link so it will help your SEO on your pages that you link to.

Anyway, I suggest you go and fill out the info as it is a great way to get your customer more familiar with you. I have been very busy the last couple of weeks but things are slowing down again and I should be able to blog. If you need some one on one consulting please send me an email for details on what I do. I do not advertise my consulting because I do not have time to take on many clients at any given time. But if you need the help I can discuss what I can do.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email to


  1. Do you know the dimensions for the photos....


  2. LeAnne, I think the dimensions are something like 800x450, or 760x430 ... in that range. Etsy will take larger photos and automatically shrink and crop them.

    Eric, I didn't realize those links would help with SEO. THANKS for that info!!!!!! I'll go add more links. :-)

  3. The about pages rock! I've got mine set up and have been perusing teamies' pages and favorite shops. If it didn't do a thing for SEOs it would do this: people want to see the human being and they want to touch the product. That's why most of us do so much better at shows than online. The about pages bring it all just a little closer. I can actually take a virtual tour of my online friend's studio and see how and where she works. I can see the warmth and energy her portrait exudes and read her history and creative process. This can't possibly be bad.

  4. I love the about page too! Adding the slide show photos was the toughest part for me... it took me forever to figure out the photo dimensions. Eventually, I just put my image as the top layer on a bigger page and placed it in the center top of the bottom layer, leaving a bunch of white space at the bottom.

    That seemed to do the trick.



  5. used this. thanks !